We've got a blog!

- By Namkhai

Ladies and gentlemen, the Bourquin Sailing Team is presenting...

...their new blog!

It's actually a new website. But it does look identical to the previous one.

The new architecture gets us this blog, improves multi-language content and adds comments.

Please bear in mind that, although I write software documentation, I haven't written anything like this before, so it may take me a few posts to "warm up".

All right, so some news about our participation at the North American:
  • We're inscribed! Check that here.
  • We have accomodations, boats, coach dinghy and flight tickets.
  • And we're making team lycras and caps (the design is finalized :wink:)

Many thanks to everyone who helped us so far!

With little more than a week to go, unfortunately the weather isn't helping us train: we had rain the last two or three nights, and the wind's on summer holiday:

Cloudy sky