ILCA North American 2021: Training - Days Two to Four

- By Namkhai

We're only one day away from starting the races!

The wind hasn't died (yet), and the cold has increased. But we almost don't feel it anymore, so I think we've started to acclimate a bit.

Yesterday we were invited to spend the morning sailing on a trimaran, Kokomo.

The owner, Terry, is a very nice person, and his boat is superbly organized. We really enjoyed sailing on his boat!

Thanks also to Greg, who is the one who set this up.

(if my words sound a bit cold, keep in mind that I'm pretty tired after spending the day on the water :grinning:)

Some photos from that morning:

Sanka steering Kokomo Namkhai steering Kokomo

View of San Francisco from Kokomo Kokomo under the Bay Bridge

I just spent ten minutes making that grid... I should finish writing...

After those two and a half hours of "relaxing", we went straight back to the St. Francis YC.

Sanka & Namkhai applying telltales Sanka & Namkhai applying telltales 2 Namkhai & Sanka on an upwind Sanka & Namkhai on a downwind

Sanka on an upwind Zoom on Sanka's sail numbers

Yep, I think Someone Made a Mistake™. And we bought the sail with the numbers applied...

All right! So tomorrow we have the inscriptions, measurements (just the sails)...

And on Thursday the race begins!