ILCA National Qualifier and 2022 Men's Worlds

- By Namkhai

Hey everyone, here are the latest news about January's amazing start for this year.

We sailed in the Vallarta Cup, and the next weekend the ILCA Mexican Qualifier for the Men's Worlds.

I finished 3rd place overall, it was very close and exciting.

How close? The three first boats were a single point apart. full results.

When we finished the first race on Sunday, all three top boats were tied!

So the regatta was effectively won on the last race.

I'm happy with the result tho, my goal was to get the place for the worlds and I got it (more on that below).

Something I didn't rather like is how they split the results within the same fleet. I just noticed they also put up an alternative result sheet with per-fleet results. Same same, except I'm tied with the second place.

The whole weekend was light wind sailing, about 6 knots or so? The most we had was in the last race of the first day.

Everyone was waiting for the wind to pick up, but it didn't happen. Blame January!

And yes, I accomplished my goal: I got my place for the worlds!

The 2022 ILCA Men's Worlds, which will take place here in the bay from the 21 to 28 of May.

This is a rather big championship, a huge opportunity, being 19 years old and sail with the top sailors.

Let's be pragmatic, I'm not going with the goal of winning or anything like that, I'll go there to learn as much as I can by sailing with the world's top sailors.

To acomplish this goal of sailing in the worlds, my commitment is a full training schedule, a healthy diet, good sleep and take care of my health. (also meditation and stuff, my mother's rather insisting on that point.)

And I also need your help. It's very important for me to be supported by the community in both a moral and finantial way. And it's kinda why I'm writing this.

Fortunately I live 20 min away from the Vallarta Yacht Club, so no accommodations, flights or food (well I do need all that, but it'll be provided by my family). But I do have to pay for the entry and charter boat (it’s a mandatory charter)

The costs are as follows:

  • Entry fee - $395 USD
  • Charter boat - 950€ + 450€ deposit
  • Nice-to-have: 450€ for pre-event charter
  • Coach inscription fee: 100 USD
  • Gas: 150 USD

That’s it.

Thanks for supporting me to continue improving my skills in this amazing sport, not only about competition but about being out on the water, wind filling the sails, harnessing the power of nature and relying on my life skills and expertise.

Support via:

ILCA North American

Still reading?

This is also a preparation for me before the 2022 ILCA Under-21 worlds, which will be held in Portugal, 21-28 of August.

If you have a brand I'd be happy to provide 14 days of marketing split in two big events with hundreds of persons involved. Think about how much that'd be worth to you.

We could even discuss a long-term sponsorship and help me buy one of this world's boats ;)

Support via:

WesMex 2021

See you on the water!

And yes, I'll represent Mexico in both regattas, even without their support