March 2022

- By Namkhai

Woha, we're already in April! March's been a crazy month...

We've raced WesMex, next week we got Olas Lindas ready for MexoRC, then MexoRC and rolled right into Banderas Bay Race.

Wow. This has been the busiest month of sailing we've been in.

WesMex 2022

Another WesMex gone by! Now if this wasn't a fun regatta I don't know what could be...


I got 3rd overall, 2nd men's, and Sanka finished 5th overall and 1st under-19.

Sanka qualified for the World Sailing Youth Worlds, the biggest youth regatta in my humble opinion.

Oh yes: I sailed in ILCA 6 (Radial) because otherwise I'd have been in a 2-boat fleet sadly. I literally took the sail out for the first time in more than two years on Friday.

The wind was like we've never seen in 5 years of WesMex sailing. On the last day we had a 45 degree wind shift between the first and second race.

The first race of the day was a bit tough for me in ILCA 6, but wasn't that bad. I didn't really get the hang of the smaller sail tho :P

The funniest thing of the regatta happened on the first race on Sunday (race 6):

WesMex results

That's right, everyone disqualified except me!

I was the only boat that went around the correct mark after a course change...

Namkhai Sanka Inti

MexoRC 2022

Fun stuff, big boats. We had a boat T-Bone another, a mast come down, load cells breaking... Races cancelled because of light winds... split second wins...

Spinnakers ripped apart (twice. the same spi.), late drops, lots of current, last minute changes...

But we ended second place of class C. It was a fun MexoRC. The team was great, and everyone learnt lots of things.

Olas Lindas Olas Lindas & Azteca Olas Lindas

BBR 2022

The Banderas Bay Race was a bit of a chill out after MexoRC. We also had Azteca with us, and boy did they give us a hard time. We did win 1st place.


We worked on getting BadPak out of the water, take it apart and load it on a trailer. Lots of hiccups. But it's a wonderful boat.

BadPak BadPak BadPak BadPak BadPak BadPak