2022 ILCA 7 Men's Worlds

- By Namkhai


It was a tough week, but super fun.

The wind was like nothing we've had for a few years. Usually it's a single sided all-to-the-right course, but nope, the right wasn't paying as it usually does!

The first three days were a bit overwhelming, when sailing with all those olympic sailors the starts were hard to get right. If you weren't 3cm away from the line for the last 1:30 min, you were last...

I got to improve every day, which is a very cool thing. The starts improved one bit at a time.

Once the qualifying series were over (I was all three days in the yellow fleet), I had a bit more breathing space over on the Silver fleet. Not that there was no level...

On the last two days the Gold fleet had about two to three general recalls per start. They were pushing really hard, even with black flag.

It was really fun, and I learnt lots of things.

Now I've volunteered for both the ILCA 7 and ILCA 6 Masters Worlds together with my brother, so we're still out on the water almost every day.

Sanka is getting ready for the World Sailing Youth Worlds next month.

Thanks to JPM Real Estate and the Vallarta Sailing Foundation for their support in this championship!