2023 ILCA NA: Summary

- By Yann Bourquin

On the beach

Hello everyone!

You remember that I told you in the last post that the conditions where just excellent with good winds and clear sky during the pre-regatta week? They changed completely on the first race day.

Day 1 (Friday)


The first race got delayed around two hours due to fog, which we didn’t see once during the previous week. When we finally got on the water, the wind was super light. We completed three races, the wind picking up slowly after first race, reaching 10 knots for the last race.

Day 2


The first race got delayed one hour on the water as the wind was very shifty, and the last race got canceled after the first upwind as the wind died. The sky was very cloudy that day and as the wind had a completely different bearing the course had to be set much further south, past an oil platform.

Day 3

A start

Clear sky but again very shifty light winds (4 to 6 knots), which made the three races of the day very tricky. And the ocean current didn’t make it any easier.

In despite of these surprising and challenging conditions, Namkhai and Sanka did a great performance against much more experienced sailors who race 10 times more in the U.S. or Europe than what we can do in Mexico:

Namkhai: 10th of his category (SrM or Senior Men) and 20th overall. His best race was a 13th, almost reaching top 10!

Sanka: 6th of his category (U21M or Men under 21) and 29th overall. Sanka was top 10 in the race 8 that was unfortunately cancelled!

Skipper's meeting

The total of boats participating was 38, including all categories, so a very decent performance from Namkhai and Sanka also considering that we couldn´t rent new boats as they where out of stock and had to rent older boats that difficultly compete against the new generations of PSA, Element Six, Ovington or the brand new Devoti from Italy/Poland. Yes, it is a one-design class, but there is much difference in a high performance level between new boats and 10-15 years old ones. We need to take that in account.

Apart from that, what do they need to better to be on the podium? Go to more big races, as one of the challenges is starting in such a big fleet. And this is possible to practice only participating, so, we will focus next season on more participation inside the US Open of Sailing, which also means more resources!!!!

This was a great experience on the water and outside: those young men always learn so much in such a competition and we want to thank deeply all the friends, friends of friends and institutions that made it possible. This is just amazing and we will be definitely representing Mexico in more races for the season 2023-2024.

Loading boats