2023 ILCA NA: Wednesday

- By Yann Bourquin

The Bourquin Sailing Team at the ABYC

Here we are from last Sunday. We received the charter boats on Monday and are training on the water for the third day! Today and for the first time so far, we could see Catalina Island in the far, a beautiful surprise.

Yesterday , apart from sailing, we also changed the letters on Sanka's sail as we bought it from Tom Saunders (NZL) after the ILCA Men's Worlds last year, and we are required to use our country letters.

Changing the country letters on a sail

The conditions are great!

The venue of the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club is just stunning. A picture talks better than words:

Namkhai sailing in front of the ABYC

Thermal wind increasing from 8-10 knots at 12am to 13-15 knots at 3pm. The water is colder than in Mexico and we need to get used to that temperature. The sky is blue and clear, no clouds.

There are also other teams out there: canadians, from different points of the U.S. and the Caribbean. So, we are enjoying pre-regatta unformal races to measure boat speed all together. Good experienced sailors as well as fast young racers!

Small races with the USA & Canadian teams

Distances in Long Beach are huge and lack of public transport pushes us to walk several miles a day to reach the club. It is a way to know your environment and to get stronger legs😉, though.

Tomorrow's scheddule is: 10am, inscriptions and measurement. Then we will give a good polish to the boats and after that, we need to move them to the beach as the ramp of the club is too small for such a big event.

The races start on Friday through Sunday, a total of 10 are schedduled, so 3-4 a day. Plenty of excitement!

I hope I can make an update during the Championship.